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My Heart Is the Tempest

America's Hero

Ink, Red, Dead

Find Your Way Back

Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions

Late for the Wedding

Gambling with Murder

Then Came You

The Spear Alight

Are You Okay, Elliot Hart?


Descent Into Darkness

Snowed Under Murder

Exile's Quest

Murder Undetected

Costumes & Cadavers

Potluck and Poison

Casino Queen

The Flapper, The Scientist, And The Saboteur

Don't Get Close

Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café

Dead Amid the Dogwoods

The Munchkins

Front Page Murder

Weed Lake

Rituals and Runes

Life's Journey

Hippie Wagon Homicide

At the Edge of the Forest

Deadly Broadcast

Spider Green Series

House Edge

The Gingerbread Curse

Within the Darkness

Demon Kissed

Megan's Choice

The Shepherd and The Horned Girl

The Defender

Just a Little More Magic

Love On the Line 2

Red Dragon

Body and Soul Food

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