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The Corpse with the Crystal Skull

The Heat Series

For Better or Worse

A Sprinkling Of Murder

The Underworld Saga

Typo Squad

Big Love



The Final Hour Series

Knucklehead Fred

Good to the Last Death



Guardians of Erin

Guarding My Six

Booked for Death

Grave Consequences

The Silver Fae Series

The Tess Series

The Truth About Sistah Brianna

Snowed Under

Awen Storm

Love Inside the Silence

Die a Yellow Ribbon

Sister Witches

The Grim and the Fantastic


The Soul Scribe Trilogy

Where the Truth Hides

The Chalice and the Crown

Feisty Heroines

Revelations: Sunken Treasure, Lost Worlds

Summer in Bliss

Rise Again Warrior Series

Never Walk Alone

The Crystal Heist

A Thin Line

Drawn and Driven: My Haiti Adventure

Dark Energy

Echoes of Love

Honor Avenged

False Start Fairy Tale

Walk the Dog

Under His Protection

The Heroship

Billionaires on the Beach

Expose Yourself

What Death Taught Terrence

British Banger

The Fifth Vital

Of Knights and Wizards

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