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Don't Mess With This Witch

Bright Yellow Souls

Zelda Richardson Mysteries

A Compendium of Characters

Chergui's Child by Jane Riddell

Tender Misdemeanors

The Missing Sister by Elle Marr

Ordinary by Starr Z. Davies

Skyclyffe by Z. Moss

FEED YOUR READER Special Promotion

A Fresh Restart by Chelsea Falin

After All by Heidi McLaughlin

Undeniable by Lexxie Couper

The Atlantis Bloodline by C.A. Gray

Murder in the Cemetery by Karen Shughart

The Michael Taylor Series by Tiffany Christina Lewis

The Prophet Trilogy by Don Newton

Crossed by Kristy Centeno

Healing Hearts by C.B. Clark

The Secrets of Hawthorne House

The Four: Destruction of Honor

Frozen Stiff Drink by James J Cudney

Phrebbel the Phrongol's Vacation Pictures

Dark Days Series by Mark Lukens

Mysterious Merchandise by Astoria Wright

In Pursuit of the Pale Prince

Deer Among Wolves

Die Die Blackbird by Teresa Trent

Kill For You

Ember Hawk by Jamie Foley

Never a Bride by Caridad Pinero

Saunders' Choice by Gina Briganti

Lords, Ladies and Babies

The Witch-Hunter Trilogy by K.S. Marsden

Poor Florida Cracker by Chelsea Falin

Wobbly Willie Bakes a Cake

True Love Series by Debra-Ann Kummoung

Easter Hair Hunt by Nancy J. Cohen

The Recollection of Trees

Gifts of Fire and Ice

Glimmer by Ashley Munoz

The Dragon of Time Series by Aaron Dennis

Gateway Ranch Series

Plantation Pan by Eddie Generous

Matilda Empress by Lise Arin

Lavender Blue Murder by Laura Childs

Asbury High and the Thief's Gamble

The Plan by Whitney Dineen


Bringing Life, Falling Ash by CS Patra

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