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Much Ado about Nauticaling

The Voices at the End of the Road

The Secret Ingredient

The Antlands Series

Dragons Walk Among Us

Warwick's Mermaid

Hazelhearth Hires Heroes

The Pepper Tree

Soul Deep

The Marriage Game

Silver Under the Moonlight

Let's Talk: Going to the Zoo

Smile More Stress Less



Strange Gods

Pork Chopped to Death

The Townsbridge's Series

How To Stay

The Girl From Silent Lake

Body Conscious

Oranges for Miranda


Midnight Spells Murder

Echoes of the Runes

Emi: Foreign Lands

Oma and The Prince

Gracie & Zeus Live the Dream


Sand Trapped

Her Outback Driver

A Witch's Quandary


The Clockmaker's Tale

Key West Dead

The Ice Duchess

The Boy Toy

The Lost Princess of Story

Grim Nora and the Sign of the Ouroboros

Hexes & Hijinks

The Message on the 13th Floor

Miranda Rewritten

A Stitch in Time

Meet Me In Maine

The Dick Thornby Thrillers

Song of the King's Heart Trilogy

Median Gray

Clean Sweep

Flash Point

Work With Me

21 Grams

Zombies For Everyone

Music is Murder

70% Dark Intentions


Dead as a Duck

Sundae My Love


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