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New Orleans Rush by Kelly Siskind

Mamma’s Moon by Jerome Mark Antil

Letting Love Change Me by Katharina LeBoeuf

Fluffy by Julia Kent

#AtoZChallenge : Zaca by R. Lawson Gamble

The Soul Mate Tree Series: Once Upon a Lady

Southern Devotion Series by Amy K. McClung

Dying on Edisto by C. Hope Clark

Pretty Reckless by LJ Shen

#AtoZChallenge : Yours, With Love by Delaney Cameron

Malak, Desert Child by Paul O'Garra

Review Opportunity: The Corpse Wore Stilettos

Magickal Mystery Lore by Sharon Pape

#AtoZChallenge : Xposed by Lynda Filler

Lead The Way by Brittany Carter

Mad About Moon by Melissa Foster

Bud Hutchins Supernatural Thrillers by JB Michaels

The Dead Planet Series by Drew Avera

Staging is Murder by Grace Topping

The Bloodstone Series by Chris Karlsen

#AtoZChallenge : Wild Hearts by Heather Tullis

String Me by Rebecca Brooke

Faithful Falls Series by Elle Linder

Dead State: Fallout by Derek Shupert

Wed, Read & Dead by V.M. Burns

#AtoZChallenge : Vegas Lies by Andrew Cunningham

Northern Lights: Lena by Breanna Hayse

Beauty of the Dark: The Complete Trilogy

Review Opportunity: Every Good Deed

A Dream of Death by Connie Berry

#AtoZChallenge : Unmasking Miss Appleby by Emily Larkin

The Cat Who Pawed the Cultist by Robert Hazelton

The Good Inside Me by Barbara Russell

Twisted Desire (Twisted #2.5) by Jessi Elliott

Connect the Dots by Barbara Barrett

The Body in the Wetlands by Judy Lynn

#AtoZChallenge : Trouble Magnet by DelSheree Gladden

Cut Reality by Zack Hacker

Hide Not Seek by D.E. Haggerty

Strong and Courageous by Daniel Gibbs

#AtoZChallenge : Strictly Murder by Lynda Wilcox

Review Opportunity : Spirit Followers

#AtoZChallenge : Rock & Roll Homicide by R.J. McDonnell

The Scorpion's Lullaby by Juliet Vane

Don't Lie To Me by Willow Rose

#AtoZChallenge : Queen of the Universe by Geralyn Corcillo

The Silver Series by Cheree Alsop

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