The Life and Times of Angie Bardot



The Life and Times of Angie Bardot
Angela Bardot
Publication date: February 14th 2021
Genres: Comedy, Women’s Fiction


Setting out on her adventures, Angie is best described as endearingly tragic as she gives a truly laugh-out-loud account of what could possibly go wrong when her long-term marriage comes to an end. Extolling the many pitfalls of being single is no laughing matter and being thrown into the dating arena is even worse.

When curiosity to view a certain piece of the male anatomy takes priority, bedlam unfolds. Angie’s journey will leave you in fits of laughter while raising your eyebrows in absolute disdain.

Taking you from “Hell No” to “Hell Yes,” this two-part true story taps into a range of emotions as you travel along with Angie on her voyage of self-discovery. A captivating exposé of courage and raw honesty in finding a new beginning when life takes a nosedive, this compelling portrayal of compassion gives insight into the weakest and strongest moments of what it is to be human.

You will fall in love with Angie and won’t be able to stop turning the pages to see what she will do next. To err on the side of caution is not Angies strong suit. Heart wrenching, yet hilariously funny in the unique style of telling her tale, it’s never a surprise when she ends up on several occasions with her tail between her legs!

Does she ever learn?

This book is one of a kind, and better still, so is Angie Bardot.

“What an inspiring, self-reflecting, self-effacing, honest, eye-opening sex goddess she is – I loved it!” MARY – WHO WANTED TO KNOW MORE

“Uplifting and HILARIOUS, I’ve never, ever laughed so hard. I literally couldn’t stop reading.” VANESSA – WHO ISN’T A READER

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Author Bio:

There is more to Angela Bardot than meets the eye. Abducted at the age of five and as a teenager running away from her abusive childhood, Angela traveled overseas to an idyllic peace-loving commune which later becomes an army base and war zone. With no hope of escape, Angela's endurance from the events of this early part of her life have given her strength. After leaving the commune Angela traveled behind the Iron Curtain where very few westerners dared to go before a year spent in Canada living with her friends loving family which gave Angela an insight into what a family should be. She felt loved for the first time and was ready to return home.
Angela settled down to a somewhat normal life and obtained a Diploma of Copywriting and Advertising and a Certificate in Business, becoming a successful business partner. Angela is proudest of her role as a wife, mother, and grandmother. The importance of her family remains her greatest achievement. Angela traveled to many more countries over the years, but the one she holds dearest was her time spent in Canada, as part of a loving family environment.
Angela Bardot published her first book, Hell No in 2017 which is now incorporated as part one in her new book, The Life and Times of Angie Bardot.

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  1. The cover really caught my eye! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Angela Bardot is a new author to me, but I look forward to reading this. I always love meeting new authors. Thanks to this blog for the introduction.

  3. It sounds like a fun read, and I love the cover.

  4. Sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing!


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