The Immortal Rose Wyndham



This romantic adventure unfolds over 250 years, where the transcendent force of music and the belief in a higher purpose shape a narrative of mystery, magic, and miraculous encounters.

The Immortal Rose Wyndham: The Beginning

The Moon Singer Book 4

by B. Roman

Genre: Historical Romantic Fantasy Adventure

From 18th Century France to 20th Century San Francisco, the Promise of the Rose Crystal both empowered and mystified Grace Moreau and her daughter Rose Wyndham.

They fought for women’s rights, suffered prejudice and conspiracy theorists, and blazed their way through a male-dominated world to define their own roles in society. Through it all they poignantly resisted romantic desire, for if they fell in love the power of the Rose Crystal would be impotent and they - and their lovers - would die.

A romantic adventure spanning 250 years, B. Roman's 'The Immortal Rose Wyndham' is a story where the power of music, and the belief in a purpose greater than oneself, provide the mystery and magic that creates miracles.

**The Immortal Rose Wyndham: The Beginning can be read as a standalone and/or prequel to the rest of the books in the series.

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**Don’t miss the rest of the collection!**

 Every fantastic adventure, every romance, every heartwarming family story, every magical moment.

All four books in B. Roman’s The Moon Singer, a series of fantasy novels, now available in one volume. This collection also includes the prequel novella, Before the Boy, as a bonus.

B. Roman - in her own words:

Since childhood, I've been torn between two worlds: writing and singing. It's difficult to serve "two masters," as they say, but I was compelled to do so. When I was not singing, I was writing; when I was not writing, I was singing. I've learned, for me, that one creative expression nurtures the other. Much of my writing has a musical theme somewhere in the plot, or is the plot. Whether it's in my non-fiction writing about the power of music itself, in children’s picture books and in writing music and lyrics for songs.

It is natural, therefore, that my adventure series (The Moon Singer) has its roots in musical theories and metaphors, entwined with the magic and mystery of metaphysical concepts and matters of ethics, faith, compassion, love, and heroism. Music provokes universal emotions and memories, and giving my characters a musical talent and/or identity enriches them and the reader experience.

*B. Roman’s books include the 5-book Moon Singer Series, two suspense thrillers (Whatever Became of Sin?; A Man’s Face), and (as Barbara Roman) three children’s books: Hubert in Heaven, Alicia & The Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13, and The Prince Who Was A Piccolo.

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  1. This sounds so intriguing. thanks for the great post.

  2. Really lovely cover art design! I can't wait to read this-- thanks so much for sharing it!


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