Ghost Hunter Series



A complex and engaging blend of paranormal urban fantasy and occult horror! 


A Matter of Faith

Ghost Hunter I

by Martin J. Best

Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy 

Fledgling Ghost Hunter Malachi Hunter is back with a vengeance in the first full-length novel of the macabre Ghost Hunter series!

Lonely paranormal investigator Mal yearns to find some direction and true happiness in his life. His world is rapidly changing- and not necessarily for the better. That is until he receives a fateful call which will once again put his eerie expertise into play. Fiercely independent single parent Teena Maunder is determined to handle anything which dares to cross her path. She is resolute and determined. However, when her home becomes the scene for a terrifying and baffling haunting, Teena appears to have met her match. Turning to Mal for help, the scene is set for a deadly paranormal onslaught. Mal quickly finds himself embroiled in a supernatural battle unlike any he has faced until this point. He could very well be out of his league this time. Be that as it may, the stakes could not be any higher as a blossoming romance has ignited between Mal and Teena. This could finally be his chance to claim the love and happiness he so desperately craves. All that stands in the way is a hideous entity which has entirely different plans!

Come join Mal as he continues his journey to become an elite paranormal investigator. When you have managed to regain your composure, be sure to check out the other chilling titles in the Ghost Hunter series!

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Of Gods and Ghosts

Ghost Hunter II

Everyone hold onto your hats! Intrepid paranormal investigator Malachi Hunter has returned in the second novel of the Ghost Hunter Series. It is time to step it up a notch!

Resolute ghost hunter Malachi Hunter is no longer the lonely outcast that he once was. He is now armed with blossoming confidence and sheer tenacity. This transformation is undoubtedly due to Mal’s new crack team of ghost hunters. His fierce partner Teena and her clairvoyant daughter Carolyn fit Mal like a glove. A good thing too…because the eerie job of ghost hunter is about to get increasingly terrifying and precarious.

In the midst of investigating a strange and peculiar haunting, the freshly formed group of ghost hunters have new and terrifying challenges unexpectedly thrown their way. Occultists are battling to awaken and gain control of Camulos, the mythical Pagan God of Warfare. The consequences of this evil rebirth would be catastrophic. Mal and his team will soon face danger on a scale unlike anything they have seen. Horrific and unimaginable!

At the same time, a betrayal is afoot. An insidious force is working behind the scenes to break up this new team of ghost hunters before they even have a chance to start the ball rolling.

Will they overcome such insurmountable odds and prevail? Or are things on Earth about to drastically change in a way nobody could possibly envision!

Be sure to join Mal and his group of phenomenal ghost hunters as they continue their exciting journey. You don’t want to miss the other gripping titles in the Ghost Hunter Series!

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Blood Ties

Ghost Hunter III

Relentless paranormal investigator Malachi Hunter and his team are back in the third novel of the Ghost Hunter Series. Hopefully your sixth sense has prepared you for the ghastly, supernatural terror which is to come in this instalment!

Mild-mannered Charles Chandler is all set to enjoy a well-earned early retirement with his family. However, after they relocate to a new residence, eerie and frightening things begin to take place in their home. A terrified Charles reaches out to Mal, and the hunt begins. Although - who is actually the one being hunted this time around?

At the same time, a fresh band of ruthless occultists have their sights set on a familiar yet deadly target. They are determined to capture and subjugate Camulos, the Celtic God of Warfare. The callous group will soon find themselves on a direct collision course with Mal and his exceptional team. A terrifying supernatural and hard fantasy encounter which is bound to produce some very nasty results.

However, who will ultimately prevail? Mal and his team may be in well over their heads this time. Come join them on their journey and be sure not to miss the other chilling titles in the Ghost Hunter Series!

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Remnants and Revenants

Ghost Hunter IV

Steadfast paranormal investigator Malachi Hunter and his formidable team are back in Book Four of the renowned Ghost Hunter Series. Everything is on the line this time- and the odds are stacked against them in a ghastly fashion!

Retirees, Ray and Christa Brown have taken the plunge into the world of the hospitality industry. They have precipitously invested all their money into buying and restoring the Torre Mews guest house. Unfortunately, the purchase has come with an unexpected and ghostly “fringe benefit.” Mal and his team are once again called into action and tasked with investigating and eradicating this intractable paranormal disturbance.

Meanwhile, this troublesome haunting leads directly to an unsolved murder which is about to create some serious complications for Mal and his crew. Significant occult research has been exposed which could unmask some meticulously hidden and very dangerous secrets. Further, a wicked group known as the Esoterica Foundation has discovered this information and will do whatever it takes to capitalize upon it. The stage is set for the ultimate showdown…and precious lives are hanging in the balance.

Will Mal and his crack team of paranormal investigators be able to connect the dots and solve this case? Or is the world as we know it in for a dose of an entirely new and horrifying reality? Be sure not to miss the other eerie titles in the Ghost Hunter series!

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Ghost Hunter V

Ardent paranormal investigator Malachi Hunter and his crack team return for Book Five of the transcendent Ghost Hunter Series. The group are set to tackle intense and unparalleled challenges which could very well reach beyond their extensive acumen this time!

While renovating a former Roman Catholic orphanage, a construction team has encountered bizarre and unexplained incidents. With the work on the project virtually ground to a halt due to this suspected paranormal activity, Mal and his team are called upon to conduct a ghostly investigation. Whatever could have happened in this lonely orphanage so many years ago? The ghost hunters are about to find out, and the terrifying answer to this question will come in the form of a spiteful poltergeist infestation which will test them to their limits!

While the team of steadfast ghost hunters are busy confronting the troubling haunting- there is another perilous plot afoot. A surreptitious group known as the Partisans of Taranis are zeroing in on the secret gateway to the Summer Lands, which is the home of the Celtic Gods. Discovery of this portal could be the catalyst for death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. Having an insider planted within the Partisan group, Mal and his team of ghost hunters are tipped off about the deadly incursion.

The race is on to prevent this catastrophe in the making…with the outcome very much in doubt! Come join Mal and his crew as they once again confront the unknown. Be sure not to miss the other chilling titles in the Ghost Hunter Series!

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Ghost Hunter VI

A predatory entity from religious mythology has attached itself to hapless Seth Bowden, leading his terrified sister to contact the ghost hunters. They agree to investigate, and uncover a disturbing history of mental illness, suicide, and an intelligent haunting.

As the team seek to resolve Seth’s problem, their leader, Malachi Hunter, becomes involved with the police investigation into a horrific ritual murder, finding himself pitted against a member of the Order of Nine Angles, the most dangerous occult organisation in existence, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

The scene is set, and the ghost hunters face the most difficult and dangerous challenges of their lives. Will their courage and determination be enough to see them through, or is victory beyond their reach?

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Martin J. Best was born in Torquay, England, in 1965, where he lives with his wife, Kim, and their dogs, Shadow and Raven. Dubbed the Prince of Paranormal by antipodean author Mark Carnelley, Martin grew up in an actively haunted house, which probably accounts for his abiding interest in all things supernatural. He has had a varied work life, and spent many years running his own mobile disco business. He now writes full-time, and when not working, is a keen walker, music enthusiast, and ghost hunter.

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