The Empress' Journey



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The Empress’ Journey

Tikl The First of Nehel Book 1

by Joseph Kopel

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Amid turmoil and despair, a new hope arises as a young empress.

The Gesha obliterated the once thriving but ailing Kingdom of Aranka, triggering an imbalance in Sankaris. Epidemics, wars, pollution, and madness plague the land as the protagonists pursue for answers.

A glimmer of faith spreads throughout the maimed world as the Promise. Her rise to power brings a much-needed balance, ensuring a fresh start and the dawning of a new era.

Will she unravel the mysteries behind these afflictions and restore the balance to Sankaris?

Join this captivating tale of humanity, resilience, determination, and the search for truths in a world gripped by darkness.

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Joseph Kopel is an imaginative author who has transitioned from Sci-Fi to Space Opera and now ventures into the realm of Fantasy with his debut in the genre.

What began as a hobby has grown into thirty-five years of writing. Being bilingual, he switched between English and Spanish. The greatest influences on him were the Latin American literature in Mexico City's libraries and the most famous American Sci-Fi authors.

When he is out of any fantastic realm to be in the world of reality, he enjoys his time with his wife, three kids, and his two pets.

Currently, he lives in Northwest Missouri, in a small peaceful country town of only 250 people.

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  1. Joseph Kopel is a new author to me, but I look forward to reading this book.

  2. This sounds like a great epic fantasy read. I like the cover.

  3. This sounds like an intriguing start to a new series


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